Limited Liability Partnership

                  Limited Liability Partnership Registration

LLP limits the liabilities of its partners to their contributions to the business and also offers each partner protection from the negligence , misdeeds or incompetence of the other partners . LLP is cheaper to incorporate than PVT LTD company . It requires fewer compliances If you want to raise venture capital , than go for PVT LTD company because LLP cannot easily accommodate it .

Time Taken : 10 to 15 days


We include :

  1. DSC for 2 Partners
  2. DIN for 2 Partners
  3. Name Reservation
  4. LLP Agreement Drafting & Registration compliances
  5. Certificate of Incorporation
  6. LLP PAN
  7. LLP TAN


NOTE : Prices will be higher in Kerala and Chhattisgarh due to higher govt fees.



Govt fees Rs 7999
Professional Fees Professional fees included in Govt fees
Extra charges related to government NIL
Total Rs 7999


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