Respond to an objection

Respond to a Trademark objection

Trademark office can for various reason raise objections to your trademark application . This may be because the word or logo is too similar with an existing trademark , because it will create confusion in mind . You must file your responses to this objection within a month from when the Examination Report has been published online . If you don’t respond to objection , then your apploication will abandon.

By the time of the objection process , you can use TM symnbool .



Objection from the Trademark office can be resolved quickly with correct response , so Long as you have a right to the trademark .


  1. If you have filed your trademark application through us , we will inform you that your trdemark has been objected to by the Registrar less than a month from the publication of the Examiner report containing the objection . If you are not a coustmer , you would need to contact us withing a month from the publication of the report .


  1. Our Team will get in touch with you over phone or emails for understand your case.


  1. If the Trademark authority does not accept the response , then the arguments would need to be presented in person .


  1. The Tademark authority will remove the objection , if is is satisfied with your response within 6 to 18 months.


Govt fees As per schedule of Trademark Registry 
Professional Fees RS5000
Extra charges related to government Will ask , If Required
Total Rs5000


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